Easily Accept Online Payments

SantiagoCornejo shutterstock 58441444Orgs Online Software Services make it easy to accept online payments for orders, registrations, events, ...and more!

  • Easily accept Electronic Checks for online payment.
  • Accept Debit or Credit Card payment online at time of purchase.
  • Online payments are recorded to each family's account.
  • Families can view account balances on-demand at anytime.
  • Administrators can track open-balances for all families.
  • If needed, administrators can easily send payment reminders...plus much more

Orgs Online Software Services provides online payment software tools that make it easy to accept (and track) credit cards, debit cards, and electronic checking. When online payments are submitted for orders, registrations, reservations, or sign-ups, payments can be recorded into each family's separate account. Families can view their payment records by accessing their online accounts at anytime. Administrators can use the online accounting tools to view any individual family account, or run online payment reports showing current balances for groups of families.

Orgs Online Software Services also provides administrative payment reports that compile and count orders, create lists showing who ordered what, who registered for what, and who is paid in full. Plus, if orders need to be changed, the administrative tools necessary to record adjusting entries are also provided by Orgs Online Software Services.

Orgs Online payment processing software service can be set-up to accept online payments for many different programs and activities. These range from special fundraising programs to initiatives such as angel fund charitable contributions, and more! If you need to collect funds for a special program or activity, the online payment software offered by Orgs Online software services can usually accommodate these needs.

Accept Online Payments