Sports Manager Overview

Orgs Online Sports Manager Makes It Easy To:

  • Accept Sports Sign-ups Online
  • Assign Players To Teams
  • Process Uniform Orders
  • Track Payments
  • Create Team Rosters
  • and much more!

Orgs Online Sports Manager is an easy to use online sports registration and administrative sports management software service for athletic leagues and teams. The Orgs Online Sports Manager accepts online registrations and online payments, plus provides online administrative reports and easy to use communication tools.

Orgs Online Sports Manager provides what Athletic Directors and Sports Coordinators want:

  • Eliminates long lines at sports registration sign-up days.
  • Eliminates the need to print, copy, circulate, and collect paper sports forms.
  • Participants can register to play and submit payments online.
  • Gives administrators control over online sign-up start and end dates.
  • No need to manually copy handwritten registrations into a spreadsheet.
  • Provides participant lists for Athletic Directors and League Managers.
  • Tracks "amount due" and "amounts paid" for each participant.
  • Groups amounts due into "family accounts" to simplify accounting.
  • Provides "Financial Reports" to satisfy accounting and bookkeeping needs.
  • Makes recurring registrations easy and error free.
  • Matches participants to family accounts.
  • Anyone can access by going to a website.

Orgs Online Sports Manager puts time saving tools online for Coaches and teams:

  • Accept coaching and volunteer sign-ups online.
  • Participants automatically grouped for assignment by eligibility.
  • Record and view player evaluations when assigning players to teams.
  • Easily assign participants to teams and notify them of their team assignment by email.
  • Automatically build team contact lists for coaches.
  • Easily send emails to all participating families at anytime.

Orgs Online Sports Manager puts all of a Family's sports information in one place:

  • Families can submit sports registrations -- and view their registration information online.
  • Each family has a separate sports account that displays their sports registrations.
  • Use point-and-click tools to submit multiple registrations (within a family) at one time.
  • Uniforms and equipment can be ordered and paid for when registering for a sport.

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