School Store -- Special Order Forms

NoahGolan shutterstock 24393805Setup a School Store with special online order forms to accept online payments for most anything.
Sample uses include:

  • Yearbooks
  • School Directories
  • Field Trip Payments
  • Class Videos
  • School Supplies
  • Event Payments
  • And More!

iStock 000009361187XSmallThe School Store's special online ordering system displays customized order forms on a website. School families can place orders and submit payments by accessing the School Store special ordering website any time. Multiple items can be offered at the same time. Each item can have a separate price. Each item offered can also have a different ordering cutoff date. When the cutoff date arrives for an item, orders for that item would no longer be accepted while ordering for other special items would continue. As School Store special online orders are submitted, the online ordering system records each order and generates instantly accessible online reports. Administrators can view reports by going to the administrative website any time.

Accept Online Payments